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The Economic Times CFO Summit
The ‘ET CFO Summit: Gearing up for GST’ will address the sectorial impact of the proposed GST implementation and how organisations in different sectors should plan and reshape their offerings to consumers and mutually benefit from this taxation regime. The conference will also discuss about the various transformations that each industry is expected to undergo over a period of two to three years and how this will positively benefit customers and how the industries can represent their concern on the vagueness of some of the proposed measures of each of the industry.... read more

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Gearing up for GST
  • GST’s objective : Avoid cascading effects of taxation and provide taxation credit to manufactures and service providers
  • Reduce the cost of goods and services to consumers, manufacturers and service providers in the long run
  • Competitive pricing and creation of products with better value proposition
  • Incremental cost will be incurred only for logistics
  • Eliminate different taxation structures and procedures
  • Reduce the litigations between taxation departments and various service providers
  • Ease of doing businesses
  • Follow a uniform tax procedure for levy in different stage of the products from the raw materials to finished products
  • States will not charge different taxes to manufactures, service providers and suppliers based on whether the raw materials are produced in the state or if the goods are sold in the state